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Port Aransas townhomes are an excellent choice for housing because they are well-maintained and conveniently available for residents. A wonderful community such as Port Aransas offers extensive options for homes, and townhouses are some of the most popular types. More than 60,000 residents enjoy the area, and a good portion of them own a townhouse. These homes are multi-floor settlements connected to one or two shared walls with another property to the side. But these properties have their specific entrances, which means that they are technically single-family homes attached. A group of townhomes often have similar designs to associate the properties as homes belonging to the same group, and a Homeowners’ Association group almost always facilitates them.

Townhomes for sale in Port Aransas usually boast their proximity to the beach and various commercial establishments. They mostly feature a mix of Country, Beach House, Traditional, and Contemporary architectural styles as a unit. These homes were built from 1973 to 2021, and they enjoy three levels of townhomes in the community: entry-level, mid-range, luxury. Entry-level townhomes range from $110,000 to $330,000 apiece. These properties enjoy one to three bedrooms, one to two bathrooms, and 860 to 1,200 square feet of living space. They also enjoy decent-sized land spaces ranging from 0.05 to 0.07 acres. On the other hand, mid-range townhomes cost around $370,000 to $650,000. These average properties enjoy three bedrooms, three to four bathrooms, 1,200 to 1,700 square feet of floor space, and 0.08 acres of lot area. Lastly, luxury homes usually range from $830,000 to $1 million. Typically, these huge townhomes enjoy four bedrooms and bathrooms, 2,100 square feet of floor space, and a 0.03-acre lot. Luxury townhomes in Port Aransas have three to four floors, giving them an advantage in seeing the view better.

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Port Aransas townhomes are indeed one of a kind, making them an ideal choice for housing near the beach. These homes are strategically located in the prettiest and most convenient community spots, giving the residents a balance between leisure, entertainment, and aesthetics. Another great thing about townhomes is that they are easy to maintain because of their compact size and fresh designs. They focus on maximizing the space they have, which means that they are perfect for low-maintenance lifestyles. Lastly, residents enjoy an excellent community because of the homeowners’ association that officiates the entire subdivision.

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Townhomes are compact properties which means that they are not as massive as single-family homes. They have smaller lot areas, and this could be a deal-breaker for some buyers. If you prefer homes with larger spaces, it would be best to check other Port Aransas homes.

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These Port Aransas townhomes enjoy the perfect balance between convenience and practicality, thanks to their attractive features and unique locations. This type of home is excellent for anyone who wants to enjoy the beautiful view of the ocean and the commercial side of Port Aransas. If you’re going to enjoy the beach without sacrificing comfort and a homey environment, call us. We’ll find the best Port Aransas townhome for you!

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